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Below is a selection of important documents detailing the case in Ecuador and Chevron’s retaliatory suit brought in the United States against Steven Donziger and the Ecuadoran Communities.

Press kit and supporting documents

Chevron v. Donizger et al., Press Kit

The Ecuadorian trial court’s clarification clearly stating that it “decided to refrain entirely from relying on Expert Cabrera’s report when rendering judgment” and that “the report had NO bearing on the decision.”

Chevron’s Motions in Limine requesting that Judge Kaplan preclude Defendants from offering at trial the overwhelming scientific evidence regarding the contamination caused by Chevron in Ecuador, evidence essential to Steven Donziger and his clients’ defense.

Judge Kaplan’s order denying Steven Donziger and his clients the opportunity to have a jury decide the merits of Chevron’s claims against them.

Judge Kaplan’s order allowing three laptops for his and his client’s entire legal defense team.

Judge Kaplan’s Opion compelling the production of certain evidence, and imposing broad sanctions on essential evidence that Steven Donziger and his clients may introduce during the RICO trial.


summary_th     Summary of Overwhelming Evidence Against Chevron


RFK_th     Chevron’s Original Sin: Essay of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


setbacks_th     Chevron’s Setbacks in U.S. Courts


Saenz_th     Chevron’s Corruption: Affidavit Of Juan Pablo Saenz


beltman_th     The Science: Power Point of Douglas Beltman


cclaims_th     Donziger Lawsuit Against Chevron


Republic of Ecuador Counter-Memorial: This document, submitted in February 2013,  provides a comprehensive summary of the overwhelming evidence against Chevron and explains why the Ecuador court’s decision is reasonable and based on the evidence.

Annexes from the Republic of Ecuador’s Counter Memorial:

  • ANNEX AResponse To Claimants’ Allegations Regarding Judicial Independence: addresses Chevron’s allegations that Ecuador’s judiciary lacks independence.
  • ANNEX B—Response To Claimants’ Allegations Regarding The Criminal Proceedings Against Messrs. Veiga And Pérez: explains why criminal charges were filed in Ecuador against two Chevron lawyers.
  • ANNEX CResponse To Claimants’ Bribery Allegations: explains Chevron’s false allegations that an Ecuador judge was involved in a bribery scheme.
  • ANNEX D—Response To Claimants’ “Ghostwriting” Allegations: addresses Chevron’s false “ghostwriting” allegations as they relate to the Ecuador judgment.
  • ANNEX E—Response To Claimants’ Allegations Regarding Messrs. Calmbacher And Cabrera: addresses Chevron’s allegations with respect to two experts in the case, Charles Calmbacher and Richard Cabrera.
  • ANNEX F—Response To Claimants’ “Collusion” Allegations: Responds to Chevron’s allegations of “collusion” between the Ecuadorian villagers and the Republic of Ecuador.
  • ANNEX G—Response To Claimants’ Allegations Of Legal Error: addresses each of Chevron’s false allegations of legal error committed by the Ecuador trial court.
  • ANNEX H—Summary Of Lago Agrio’s First Instance And Appellate Court Decisions: provides a comprehensive and detailed summary of the legal decisions in Ecuador.