Chevron Facing Major New Difficulties In Ecuador Pollution Case After Losing Before Canada Supreme Court

Sep 10, 2015 From: Union of People Affected by Texaco (UDAPT) TORONTO, Sep. 10 – After losing a critical decision before Canada’s Supreme Court, Chevron must now prepare for a possible worst-case scenario in the Ecuador pollution case that could force the company to pay the full amount of the $10 billion environmental judgment and see […]

Canada Supreme Court To Decide Friday Whether Chevron Assets Can Be Targeted by Ecuadorian Villagers

OTTAWA, Sep. 02 / – In a decision that could have important implications for human rights victims worldwide, Canada’s Supreme Court on Friday will announce whether Ecuadorian villagers can proceed in Canadian courts to try to seize Chevron’s assets to force the oil giant to comply with a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian environmental judgment. If the court decides […]