Manipulated Outtakes: Chevron Attempts to Deceive the Court

In an egregious example of Chevron’s bad faith and dirty tricks, Chevron manipulated video evidence to suit its false allegations. Chevron has entered outtakes from the documentary film Crude—which explored the Lago Agrio litigation— into evidence in the RICO trial. But first, editors working for Chevron manipulatively edited the clips, and along with the clips, entered into evidence transcripts that give no indication that whole passages of Steven speaking on film have been removed. See for yourself:

First, watch this full clip from the Crude outtakes:

Now, watch Chevron’s deceptively-edited version of the same clip—entered into evidence by Chevron as Plaintiff’s Exhibit 4—in which they have entirely removed critical context:

The dialogue which Chevron has removed is both damning for Chevron in that it shows that Steven thought the judge was corrupt and paid by Texaco, as well as exculpatory for Steven in that it shows he was trying to use “pressure tactics” only to “neutralize [Chevron’s] corruption.”

See the comparison below that shows the deceptive exhibit [on left]—as officially filed in evidence by Chevron as Plaintiff’s Exhibit 4A—with the full transcript with Chevron’s manipulative excerpt highlighted [on right].

Ex 4a comparson