PRESS KIT for Chevron v. Donziger, et al.

On this page you’ll find the press kit, and supporting documents for Steven Donziger and his team in the RICO trial. Click on any of the links to download them.


Chevron v. Donizger et al. Press Kit

Trial Court Clarification – The Ecuadorian trial court’s clarification clearly stating that it “decided to refrain entirely from relying on Expert Cabrera’s report when rendering judgment” and that “the report had NO bearing on the decision.”

Chevron’s Motions in Limine requesting that Judge Kaplan preclude Defendants from offering at trial the overwhelming scientific evidence regarding the contamination caused by Chevron in Ecuador, evidence essential to Steven Donziger and his clients’ defense.

Judge Kaplan’s order denying Steven Donziger and his clients the opportunity to have a jury decide the merits of Chevron’s claims against them.

Judge Kaplan’s order allowing three laptops for his and his client’s entire legal defense team.

Judge Kaplan’s Opinion compelling the production of certain evidence, and imposing broad sanctions on essential evidence that Steven Donziger and his clients may introduce into evidence during the RICO trial.


The Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ rejection of Judge Kaplan’s original global injunction against the enforceability of the Ecuadorian judgement.









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