Denial of Jury Trial Statement

From Christopher Gowen, spokesman for Steven Donziger and the Ecuadorian defendants, on Judge Kaplan’s decision today to deny the defendants a jury trial just one week before the beginning of the proceedings:

“Given the documented evidence of his own bias, Judge Kaplan’s last-minute decision is a clear abuse of power and again shows Chevron does not believe enough in its own case to present it to a jury.  This critical decision made only days before trial virtually guarantees Chevron its desired outcome from a judge who already has decided all key issues in case before evidence has been presented.   While Mr. Donziger and his clients will continue to fight to make a proper record for the court of appeals, there is simply no way they can get a fair trial before Judge Kaplan.  This decision also guarantees that Judge Kaplan’s expected finding of “liability” against Mr. Donziger and the Ecuadorians will have no legitimacy in courts around the world who ultimately will determine whether Chevron pays the Ecuador judgment.”