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Blog: The Chevron Pit

  • The Pollution Chevron Left Behind...Shushufindi pit 38. Chevron's scientists found no contamination at this pit.

    Chevron Pit: Chevron’s 12-Step Program to Obtain Impunity for Its Crimes and Abuses In Ecuador

    December 18, 2014— Reposted from The Chevron Pit Blog: Why has Chevron still not paid up for its destruction of Ecuador’s ecosytem after 22 years of litigation? And why has Chevron still not paid a dollar directly to those affected by its pollution in Ecuador when BP voluntarily put up $20 billion to compensate victims within weeks of its much less impactful ... Read more

  • chevron_toxic_waste

    Canada’s Supreme Court Poised to Force Chevron To Stand Trial Over $9.5 Billion Judgment

    December 18, 2014— Chevron’s brazen plan to inflict a “lifetime of litigation” on the indigenous communities it poisoned in Ecuador’s Amazon continues to grind its way through courts around the world. We are now in the third decade of litigation since the original lawsuit was filed in 1993 in New York. The latest stop in Chevron’s global road show ... Read more

  • Chevron’s conduct indefensible

    WSJ Letter to the Editor: “Chevron’s conduct indefensible”

    November 7, 2014— “Invariably, when someone stands up to a bully, the bully claims to be the victim.” This letter to the editor about Chevron’s “indefensible” conduct in Ecuador was recently published in the Wall Street Journal:  The WSJ: Letter to the Editor “Why did Chevron fight for 10 years to keep an American court from reviewing its conduct in  Ecuador? Why did ... Read more