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  • Chevron’s conduct indefensible

    WSJ Letter to the Editor: “Chevron’s conduct indefensible”

    November 7, 2014— “Invariably, when someone stands up to a bully, the bully claims to be the victim.” This letter to the editor about Chevron’s “indefensible” conduct in Ecuador was recently published in the Wall Street Journal:  The WSJ: Letter to the Editor “Why did Chevron fight for 10 years to keep an American court from reviewing its conduct in  Ecuador? Why did ... Read more

  • AW_08Ecuador2013

    Response to Paul Barrett’s Book “Law of the Jungle”

    October 10, 2014— Response to Paul Barrett’s Book, Law of the Jungle Steven Donziger has forcefully responded to Paul Barrett’s new book on the Ecuador case, Law of the Jungle.  In sum, the book is riddled with factual errors, adopts Chevron’s narrative almost wholesale, and includes made-up scenes and improperly sourced material.  Barrett spent virtually no time in Ecuador ... Read more