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  • Sludge Match: Inside Chevron’s $9 Billion Legal Battle With Ecuadorean Villagers by Alexander Zaitchik of Rolling Stone

    August 29, 2014—  For more than two decades, energy giant Chevron and Ecuadorian activists, led by American lawyer Steven Donziger, have been embroiled in a contentious lawsuit about who is responsible for contaminating a vast swath of the Amazon Image from the film Crude: The Real Price of Oil From: Rolling Stone On March 4th, a federal judge in New York ... Read more
  • Second Circuit Appeal Briefs and Amicus Briefs Filed

    July 17, 2014—  A few months ago we previewed the numerous fatal flaws in Judge Lewis Kaplan’s March 2014 final decision in Chevron’s abusive RICO case.  While the decision’s legal excesses and cavalcade of vitriol against Steven Donziger certainly gave Chevron’s management team some short-term pleasure — and vindicated the company’s dramatic eve-of-trial decision to drop all its ... Read more

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  • Indigenous Villagers Plan to Seize Chevron’s $106 Million Arbitral Award In Ecuador

    September 30, 2014—  Hinton Communications30 September 2014 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Karen Hinton, 703-798-3109 Quito, Ecuador – In what could be a huge boost to their campaign to force Chevron to comply with a $9.5 billion environmental judgment in Ecuador, rainforest villagers plan to enforce a court order directing them to take possession of a $106 million arbitral award ... Read more
  • Random House and Businessweek’s Paul Barrett Face Defamation Claim Over Chevron Pollution Case

    September 17, 2014—  New York, New York – Random House and BusinessWeek reporter Paul M. Barrett face a defamation claim over a pro-Chevron book about the Ecuador environmental litigation that is replete with fictional scenes and defamatory assertions, according to a legal letter made public today. The 13-page “notice of defamation” letter, signed by New York attorney Steven Donziger ... Read more

Commentary: The Chevron Pit